What will we catch?

When you come deep sea fishing with us, these are the following Fish species you are likely to catch:

The fish most commonly caught in our waters are, Red roman, Red Stump nose, Santer, Red Steenbras, Carpenter, Kabeljou/Cob, Shad, Bonnito and sharks.

In winter we catch cold-water fish, Hake and Red Roman amongst others. Some species such as shark are caught all year round.

Fish bounty consists of: Swart Steenbras; Red Steenbras, Red Roman, Santer, Cape Salmon, Seventy Four, Dageraad, Cob, Stock Fish(hake), Gurnet and shark

Bait : Pilchard, chukka, octopus, small live bait.

We often spot penguin, dolphin, seals, whale and shark and plenty water birds.

All the fish you catch can be taken home to show off to the family and friends.

This is of course subject to size and bag limits.

Please be aware that every person joining our fishing charters must be in possession of a valid recreational fishing permit, obtainable at any Post Office in Knysna or along the Garden route